The link I copied to invite others' changed due to no reason, which affected my grades as the assignment was to turn in the link

We’re supposed to copy and paste the link and send our code to the teacher, but somehow my link changed(I didn’t rename the link) and my teacher couldn’t have access to my link, which affected my grades for the assignment.

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Could you elaborate on how (in what way) did the link change?

if you were trying to send them a copy of the url of your project, you would need them to fork the project to run it. Hope this helps.

I copied the link from the “Invite” part and sent it to my teacher. However, when the teacher opens it, it shows that the link wasn’t valid and nothing was shown. I’m positive that I didn’t rename the link. Therefore I sent another link to my teacher (second time with the same code), and it turns out that the link is different from the previous one, but my teacher doesn’t want to change my grade because of that, so I’m here to address this issue and probably show the final result to my teacher as an evidence.

Hi @s11291 !
Sorry, but why can’t you send the new link to your teacher? Has the previous link been graded?

Could you send me the original link and the new one in private messages? These links shouldn’t be posted publicly.
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They are TL0, so you will need to create the private message.


Hi there, I took a look at the links and would like to ask you, did you delete the previous join link, possibly causing it not to work?

My teacher wouldn’t accept my new link since he says it’s already passed the deadline and I submitted the wrong link. But I’m pretty positive that I didn’t rename my link nor change anything after the submission. Could anyone please tell me if the problem is a technical issue (I hope so). Because only if this is a technical issue, my teacher would accept this mistake and fix my grades (I got a 50 since the link part took 50 points away). Thank you for your understanding.

New Link (I renamed the link after the teacher says the old one didn’t work:
Previous link that didn’t work:

If your teacher doesn’t want to accept it, then there’s not much we can help with. I will say though, I’m pretty sure the link changes if you have to reshare it.