The Injustice of Raising Prices and Excessive Cashout Minimums and Cuts on Replit's Bounties Program: A call to action

It is completely unacceptable that Replit is exploiting their users by raising prices for their cloud platform and implementing excessive cashout minimums and cuts for the bounties program. With a minimum cashout of $350 and a 35% cut, it’s clear that Replit does not value or respect the hard work and dedication of their users. This kind of greed and disregard for their users will drive away many of their loyal users and ultimately lead to the downfall of Replit.

In addition, it discourages young coders like myself from using Replit bounties and makes it inaccessible for other users in countries that don’t have access to coding resources. If this is Replit’s goal, then it’s clear that they are far from achieving it. Replit needs to understand that young coders and users from different countries are the future of the industry.

In order to maintain the integrity and success of their platform, Replit should immediately change the cashout minimum for the bounty program to $100 and refund those who have been affected by the hacker plan. Failure to take action will result in losing the trust and loyalty of their users.


Hey @techwithanirudh,

first of all, I can agree that getting $350 worth of cycles isn’t really easy. Also maybe let’s not use the word exploiting. $350 may look like a lot, but the average bounty price is between $200-300. And maybe you’re having difficulties getting the good bounties, but if it was in another platform the same thing would happen.

Maybe it you’re not getting the bounties for various reasons like :

  • Short Application
  • Not enough Info in your application
  • No social media links
  • Off-topic application

And other reasons. If you think you need help with your bounty application, check out this video! Also, $100 cashout seemed like a very low amount, and when are big bounties starting to be published, what did you expect? Of course, the minimum cashout price would increase.



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Well you also have to understand Replit is a start up and its own company, it’s not a monetization service or pledged service meant for selling and buying code either. Yes, the prices on boosts, always on, etc, and hacker benefits, is out of the bounds.

More on this:
Replits goal is to bring software creators online, it’s not to start a eBay for programming. Bounties is a very interesting and nice feature, all other alike websites have fees. (Rblx DevEx I believe is 75%, a much higher.

Yes, Replit making prices raise for boosts, servers, etc, is not very good. But you can’t really argue with Bounties…

International and multinational servers, policies, etc, is expensive, takes a while, sometimes not possible, etc.

Sure, you can have your 0% cash out fee on Bounties, and Replit will go broke and raise the server prices.

Then, Replit will be getting quite a lot of cash out requests in a short period of time. This can be bad for them as they will be losing a lot of money in a short period of time.

T;DR Replit is a business, company, start up, it can’t just give us free money. Yes, the new update isn’t good, but would you rather this or Replit going bankrupt or making its services paid?


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