The icon for the Bounties page changes when you navigate somewhere else on Replit

Problem description:
When you paste in a URL to Replit and open it, the Bounties icon in the sidebar looks like this:
But when you go to another page via the sidebar, it changes to this:

Expected behavior:
The icon for the bounties page would stay consistent across all pages, whether you paste the URL in or go somewhere else via the sidebar.

Actual behavior:
The bounties icon changes when you go to another page directly from the sidebar.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to any page on Replit with the sidebar open by typing the URL manually (e.g. Pay close attention to the bounties icon.
  2. Click on any button in the sidebar, and look at the bounties icon again. You should see that the icon changes.

Bug appears at this link:
Any page on Replit that shows the sidebar (e.g.


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