The grace period for Replit account storage limits is ending today

Hi there,

The grace period for account-wide storage limits is ending today, September 7th, 2023. We rolled out this grace period back in July to give affected builders time to manage their account storage without having to worry about limit enforcement. For context, here are the storage limits for all plans:

  • Free plan: 10 GiB
  • Hacker plan: 20 GiB
  • Pro plan: 50 GiB

What does this mean for you? First, we recommend checking the resource usage section under your Replit account to see your current storage usage. If you are under your account storage limit, there is no action required.

If you’ve exceeded your storage limit, your Repls will run, but you will not be able to add more files or increase their size. Here’s how you can manage your storage to get in order:

  • Delete unneeded Repls: You can now use the multiselect feature to remove unneeded Repls more efficiently. You may also navigate to the resource usage section under account settings to see your most storage-intensive Repls.
  • Upgrade your storage: You can upgrade to our Hacker or Pro plans to receive higher storage limits. You can also purchase additional storage separate from plans up to 1 TiB. You can find details on upgrading storage on our pricing page.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Replit community. We encourage you to take steps to manage your account storage effectively.

The Replit Team


Oh well, looks like I’m gonna movr accounts then.
goodbye old account I miss you

Not bad from the previous time when you can’t even access or run the repl.

But on multiplayer repls, technically other people can add more files, increase the size of them?


Hi @replitconner !
Of course, I’m sad to hear that it’ll be ending (i have wayyy to many repls).
However, is it possible to exclude the 100DoC from this? 100 repls in my storage and I don’t want to lose what I have learnt.


This is a good idea. I’ve seen posts from other users about 100 Days of Code taking up all their account storage.


I’ll make a quick script to trim those down to ~0-2MiB at most tomorrow, someone remind me please.


I feel like it would be problematic as you could do anything in it and just have a free infinite storage Python Repl.


Somehow though the 100 Days of Code should be able to fit on a user’s free account. Maybe it needs a few more GB. I don’t know exactly how much space it takes up as I haven’t done it yet. Maybe it doesn’t even take up too much space.


Once upgraded to the new python template they would probably only take max 500mb of storage
however currently they would take ~1-2 GiB+


Hey Milocat, thanks for the suggestion! I’m reaching out internally to see if we can get the templates updated. In the meantime, I’d recommend purchasing additional storage separate from your plan if you’re hitting limits while going through 100 DoC.


I deleted all of them when storage limits were first enforced.


On this thread, here’s a command to run that script, just call it in any Python Repl you need to use less storage (such as 100DoC):

curl -s | bash -s

If you’d like to see the file yourself before running it, you can do so here.

Only downside to this is that it removes your packages, but you can add back the ones you need via poetry in Shell.

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It downloads the file into my device when I click the hyperlink…

Yeah I didn’t think about that. I’ll modify a few of my endpoints so there’s a proper preview one for files.