The files in my repl are missing

The last time i saved my project, in september 20 or 21, there were 5 files, now when there are only the index.js
How can i get help to know what happened?

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Hey @xaax, this is a known problem and is currently being fixed.

see Replit status

i think it isnt the same problem. In the page you linked, it says there are only-read files, but in my case the files just desapeared, as if they’ve been deleted.

That is a symptom of the same issue.



Can you link us to the specific Repl that you are seeing deleted files? I will let our engineering know to look into it for you.

the files are still missing.

the files are still missing and one week has passed since this page said it was “resolved”.


I’m terribly sorry. I have let engineering know about your specific Repl that continues to have issues. We will let you know when they’ve taken a look.


any updates? when will replit recover my files? why were they deleted?


I’ve reached back out for a status update. I will update you once I hear back and we greatly appologize for the delay.

Hey there,

We’re looking into this. Do you know the names of any of the missing files?

image.js, config.js and twitter.js.
the last time it was online was in september 21, so the files mist have desapeared this day.

Thanks for the info. We have restored your Repl contents. I apologize for the hassle.

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thank you so much!!!

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