The file .nix-profile appears to exist, but it is nonexistent

Problem description

I have a python file manager. I can make, delete, and go into directories and files. But when i run the program and go to an specific directory, it raises a SyntaxError that says: “FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/runner/.nix-profile’”. I asked AI what could be happening and it says that the .nix-profile file could just be a symbolic link to an nonexisting file.

Expected behavior

The .nix-profile file in /home/runner should not appear since it is nonexistent or appear as an existing file.

Actual behavior

The .nix-profile file in /home/runner appears in red when executing ‘ls -a’. Also when you try to use cat it says that the file does not exist.

Steps to reproduce

Make a new repl, then either make a script to see the contents of a directory or just cd … to go to /home/runner. Then if you are using an script you should get an error and if you are using the terminal try to cat to .nix-profile and you will get an error.





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Before we begin, AI is known to hallucinate, and can often (which in this case it did) produce incorrect answers.

Because .nix-profile appears in ls -a, try running file .nix-profile to see what type it is.