The end of teams for education

We had 300 students in this and were paying when it paid for.

I’ll try to copy paste things over to a Google Collab but Google are also famous for pulling the plug on their own products.

Does any other teacher feel like we’re in a 2D game jumping from platform to platform before the platforms fall into lava?


You can also just add .zip to the end of the project URL (remove the # and filename after it)

Does this download the tests? I spent so long making all these tests. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time now.

You don’t actually need to apply, there is a secret method via certain links around the site that lets you do it (but shh it’s a secret also don’t click the skull) :skull:

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Hi @EpicPhelan !
Sorry, but this only downloads the files. The team did say that they are working on an export tool.

When will Teams for Education be shut off entirely? I would like to know if I can depend on it existing through the rest of the school year, or if I need to spend my winter break migrating to a new platform. It would be great if we could continue using it until the summer and begin the migration effort at that point.

When will we know a timeline and how much of a heads up will we receive? Will we receive official communication via email or will we need to continually check the forums? I would hate to miss an important announcement and miss my window for exporting all the assignments and instructions I created.


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Seconding this. Replit - Please, please let us know now. I am going on maternity leave in March, and since it’s impossible to get any leave replacements right now, let alone for Computer Science, I’d really like to be able to set everything up in advance for whoever replaces me, since they won’t know what they’re doing at all.


I just got an email with more details. Teams for EDU will still be usable until August 1st 2024. Check the email for more details.


That means that schools (in the U.S. at least) should be able to finish the school year with Teams for EDU. Thanks for the update!


At least we’ll be able to finish out the current school year. That makes is somewhat easier, as opposed to having to rush into another solution right away.

The only part of this that still concerns me is the end of bug fixes. There have been instances in the past where a “general” update to Replit has had negative effects on Teams for Edu. What happens if that happens again? Will Teams for Edu be completely ignored? What if the update works as intended for the NEW Replit, but completely makes Teams for Edu unusable? Are we screwed???


Pretty much, yeah. That’s what deprecation is, unfortunately. I suggest you start looking for an alternative immediately and start moving projects there in case this happens.

Can someone please help me clarify what feature is being deprecated with the latest email from Replit? I thought Teams feature was not specific to Education but that it was also available for companies who had teams. Is it possible to just pay for this feature like a company would?

Teams for edu (“Teams for EDU” is also called “Education ORGS” iirc) is being deprecated, not teams itself.