The effect of AI on coding (POLL CLOSED)


This document/post would be all about the possible effects that AI will have on the coding community and how AI may or may not be a great resource for developers. Think of this as somewhat of a research paper.

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(This would be released about 2/3 hours after poll closes / It would also include other topics on AI )

Poll closes at 3:00 pm est

AI is helpful except when the code is buggy and it give you blatant lies. Overall, it’s nice to have.

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sure I’d love to see your thoughts on the subject

Should I include what happened in 2016 with Microsoft’s “Tay” chatbot?

yeah I’d like to see when ai goes wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

AI is useful, but the danger is that used by a person lacking critical thinking … it will bring disasters. This is also true of things like pytorch and alike, which makes AI approachable without understanding the mathematics behind.

10 minutes left for poll

Article will be release hopefully sometime today if not sometime early tomorrow morning. I might also start working on a article about other related topics :slight_smile: