The code throws an error on a line that has already been deleted.

Problem description:
The code keeps throwing me errors after I’ve already deleted the problematic line.

Bug appears at this link:

This is replit lag, iirc. This means you will likely just have to wait for replit to catch up

how long can it take?

I’ve found it can take quite a while, but that was on a 9.9k line file of code. In addition, the changes did not take as long if one was editing the file vs viewing it on community as a non-owner or multiplayer

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I have been waiting for over an hour…

ok, then submit a ticket please, or ping a replit admin O_O
P.s didn’t do it myself because too scared


Try closing and re-opening the tab. If that doesn’t work, run kill 1 in the shell of the repl and refresh the page.