The buttons are smooshed together on repl page

Problem description:
All the buttons (fullscreen, open website, tip cycles button) are smooshed together

Expected behavior:
The buttons are in their own position

Actual behavior:

The buttons are smooshed together
Steps to reproduce:
go on a mobile device

Bug appears at this link:

any repl

Chrome 109.0.5414.85/Android 10.0.0

Unfortunately this is a result of your screen size. In Chrome on Android if you press the three dots at the top right of the browser, you should see a toggle that says something along the lines of ‘desktop site’. Try toggling this on and see if that helps.

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You can also just maximize the repl and icons will appear with even gaps, better then reloading the site. I usually do it that way. By maximize, I mean this icon:
Screenshot_20230128-204017_Samsung Internet

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