The AI programming

It is nice to have an AI assistant to help us code, but the recently advances made me think about if the AI could replace us programming

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In my opinion, in the present, probably not.

While, yes, it can replace some aspects of programming (like actually making the code), AI is pretty bad at creativity and thinking out of the box (at least right now).

A huge part of programming isn’t just about the code, it’s about the thinking process. When you encounter a bug, what do you do? AI will just look at its training data to find the answer. Humans (at least some humans), however, think out of the box. Instead of just immediately searching for a solution, we try to come up with one ourselves, and maybe discover something in the process.

However, that “thinking out of the box” thing I mentioned may be disappearing from us. Instead of trying to come up with a solution, some instantly go to AI or other tools. We must make sure it does not go away completely, or we will never advance.

Thanks for reading that, took me a bit to write :slight_smile:


they could, but not for now.
note: this is my personal opinion, it does not stand for or reflect on anything or anyone except how I think on this

Take a look at replit AI or chat GPT
they can give some simple code to you, but probably not large amount of code.
Also, I am quite confident you will need to change some, or maybe many codes from what they gave you.

Also, they are just programs after all. I had a quote I love for years, “Good news is computer only do what you tell them to do, bad news is computer only do what you tell them to do”. AI might be good at doing what you tell them to do, but nothing else. They give trash to you if you doesn’t give enough prompt to them. And it would be a huge pain to add stuff inside after finding out how many things are missing.

At last let’s take about the society with AI. look at replit AI and chat gpt (again), the ones that might achieve what you say are paid to use. why?
AI need to learn, like us requiring years to learn things, they could learn in parallel and don’t need rest, but they are programs and are lack of abstract thinking. This caused learning something to be harder for them, and they either force themselves to remember things they don’t understand, or just change everything into a token for further process which is much harder to make and more expensive to update and maintain. With the huge cost to make an AI specialised and good at programming, companies who made them need a way to recover the cost, so they are paid. This also means that it would be expensive to make a program with AI, possible more costy than getting a human programmer to do that after adding the point of unable to think abstractly, do extra for good, and seldom misunderstand things.


Well, that’s a interesting reflexion. I agree with you about thinking outside the box, but what if an AI achieves that capacity. All of this are just theorys about a future we can’t prevent, but it is interessant to imagine


If AI achieves that, I’m not quite sure. We’ve never encountered this kind of technology before, where they can be used as not just tools, but as equals or more.

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It depends on what the programmer’s job is.

If the programmer is going through editing things here and there, I think this wouldn’t work. AI re-generates the code each time it wants to make an edit, so it could make a slight mistake and then you have major issues.

On the other hand, AI can generate a whole game, while it might not be the best game, or be able to recreate minecraft, it can create the start of a game, to get your feet off your ground.

AI is rapidly developing (GPT-4o that was released yesterday is crazy) and at the current rate of development could technically start creating better code within the next year (my prediction).

While I have no research to back up my prediction, it logically makes since. If every 3 months AI gets trained, and code continues to be developed by humans, than yes, it could get better. But that is the thing. AI is made by US. There are a bunch of bad websites out there with bad code and bad formatting, and if, somehow, one bad website gets in the training, that could set back the development of AI.

There are many, many factors that go into this issue, but I think programmers will always be needed. AI needs development and cannot develop itself. If it could, then we WOULD have a BIG issue on our hands. Somewhere on the lines of “AI Apocalypse.”

I know I have been rambling and rambling, but these are my thoughts on the issue.

Have a great day!


AI, as I believe, will never be able to completely replace a programmer. After all, for an AI to write code, it needs someone to give it commands and check the code it will write, and this person must be someone who understands programming.

Now AI can only replace programmers who are able to perform only simple tasks. AI can easily replace a few inexperienced programmers. But really good programmers will always be in demand.

AI is not a replacement for a programmer, but only his tool, and he cannot replace a good programmer. Did the construction profession disappear when the screwdriver was invented? No, because a screwdriver is just a tool in the hands of a builder, just like an AI in the hands of a programmer.

With the development of AI, programming will become easier, since AI will perform simple tasks, but complex ones will always be for humans.



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