Textbased RPG game But with AI?

I dont think people have actually done this before, using AI to generate code to use it for a textbased RPG game, I can’t wait to see how this turns out

atleast our fingers won’t hurt

90% of code MUST be written with AI

(EDIT: Removed join link)


That sounds fun and easy. Can I join?

import random

def text_adventure_game():
    This function creates a text-based adventure game.
    The player will be presented with different scenarios and choices to make.
    The outcome of the game will depend on the player's choices.
    # Welcome message
    print("Welcome to the Text Adventure Game!")
    print("You find yourself in a mysterious land. Your goal is to find the hidden treasure.")
    # Game loop
    while True:
        print("What do you want to do?")
        print("1. Go left")
        print("2. Go right")
        print("3. Go straight")
        print("4. Quit the game")
        choice = input("Enter your choice (1-4): ")
        if choice == "1":
            print("You go left and encounter a ferocious dragon!")
            print("You have two options:")
            print("1. Fight the dragon")
            print("2. Run away")
            dragon_choice = input("Enter your choice (1-2): ")
            if dragon_choice == "1":
                print("You bravely fight the dragon, but unfortunately, you are no match for its strength.")
                print("Game over!")
            elif dragon_choice == "2":
                print("You wisely choose to run away from the dragon.")
                print("You continue your journey.")
        elif choice == "2":
            print("You go right and find a hidden treasure chest!")
            print("Congratulations! You have won the game!")
        elif choice == "3":
            print("You go straight and encounter a group of friendly villagers.")
            print("They offer you a map to help you find the treasure.")
            print("You graciously accept the map and continue your journey.")
        elif choice == "4":
            print("You have chosen to quit the game. Goodbye!")
            print("Invalid choice. Please enter a number from 1 to 4.")

# Start the game

That dragon fighting scene is making me cough blood. They never used random for the damage (like I did)

I don’t quite understand. You’re just asking AI to write an RPG game?

It would be fun for it to generate a story, but why does it need to write the code too?