Text laggy when simulating typing in Python repls

Clear all your cookies and clear the cache on your browser. If this doesn’t work, it’s your device itself.

No, this is a reproducible error with Replit to do with ‘spam’ input. (Also refer to Shane’s reply above).


hey sorry for being a lil late to the conversation, but a big reason is that it’s just how it works. What programming languages do is that they store your current output to a buffer string which will print out once it reaches a certain length because printing something is a very costly operation and doing it so often by forcing it to flush (print out the buffer at only one character) is just supremely inefficient and having only a 0.04 second latency makes it lag. After this, when the user inputs something, it gives the console a bit of a break from the constant processing, that is likely where the lag is from.
Possible other causes I can think of:

  1. printing unicode could be costly/laggy
  2. inputting has some sort of buffer optimization to handle the user constantly inputting keybinds and printing out single chars without a buffer, and therefore once you run input the optimization helps your repl to run better.


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See @ShaneAtReplit 's reply below:

I was able to reproduce the issue and have sent this to the team. I’m not part of the platform or workspace team, but I believe this might be something to do with overloading our console plugin which slows everything down.
I noticed that as the example program went on, the text got slower and slower. This would mean that the messages to print to the console is most likely overloading our channel and getting throttled in order to stop us from blowing up.

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oh um, the reason is probably this:
replit runs by essentially taking your code, and running it on a server, it will then return your output which will be displayed. Replit has very, very heavy traffic, and while some of the lag may come from server latency, this sounds correct as I have tested on different much more lightly used server sets with what I believe to be the same specs and setups that can run text without glitching, thank you for bringing this to my attention, however!


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