Text laggy when simulating typing in Python repls

Problem description:
I’m not sure if this is an issue or not, but I’ve been seeing laggy text scrolls in the Python repls. Earlier, it
used to work fine, but now it just… slows down, even though the delay variable is 0.04 seconds:
An example would be my text-based game:

This is the variable that I use to store the delay in scrolling the text to display on screen:
userStrDelay = 0.04
It’s used in this function:

def printt(string, strDelay):
  for i in str(string + "\n"):
    print(i, end="", flush=True)
printt("Hello World!\n\n Welcome to Replit Asks!\n\n This is my first post on Replit Asks!\n\n Blah blah blah blah....\n\n",0.04)

Expected behavior:

It should run smoothly, with the delay at 0.04 seconds. I wish I could upload videos, instead of images., so I can show you…

Actual behavior:

Runs smoothly, but then lags after what, like 5 seconds? It stops lagging after the user types in something, but then lags again after that! I’m not the one even experiencing this issue, even @OverdriveReplit is experiencing it when testing Arrowfall, and I’m also experiencing it when working on Mayday.

I can’t even stand this lag! Please fix it!

Steps to reproduce:
Run any of my Repls that contain text scrolling.

Bug appears at this link:

OS: Windows 11
Browser: Google Chrome
Device: Acer Nitro

Hmm… seems to run pretty well for me. Maybe send a vid showcasing this lag?
It might be my rig. Specs if that helps:

CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 3500 6 Core processor
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650 SUPER
Cooling: Fan
Monitor: MSI MAG270CR
OS: Windows 11
Browser: Edge

I can’t send videos on Replit Ask! I wish they did though :sleepy:

Use google drive to upload a video file and share the link to it.

Video Link here!


You have to request access by signing into your Google account

did it for me to. Daggum.

Read my comment above

Hey there!

I’ve requested access to the video.


Also, please dont crowd my inbox with notificatios

No lag for me… probably network lag? Either your WiFi or the remote machine’s connection.

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Its not my Wi-Fi. It might be something else.

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I was able to reproduce the issue and have sent this to the team. I’m not part of the platform or workspace team, but I believe this might be something to do with overloading our console plugin which slows everything down.

I noticed that as the example program went on, the text got slower and slower. This would mean that the messages to print to the console is most likely overloading our channel and getting throttled in order to stop us from blowing up.


Thanks, Shane! Hope this issue will be fixed now!

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After a few days, the text is a little laggy than before, but gets a bit worse over time.

When will this be fixed?

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Most of the team is out because of the holidays. I’m not sure how long with will take to fix, but I’ve set a reminder for when they come back to check up on the internal ticket!


Just wait out the holiday season until the Replit staff get back to babysitting us. If your Repl hasnt unlagged by then, just try to condense your code a bit.

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I also remember a text game I made that lagged and couldn’t be played on Replit. But it would work fine on my computer.

The repl is here

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After so many months, the text is still laggy!