Text in Shell window misbehaving

Problem description:
After 48 characters in a shell window, no matter what size the shell window is in the editor, whatever is being typed gets looped around to the beginning of the same line, even going over the bash prompt. Afterwards, hitting delete will delete all characters before the 48th leaving all others.

If the command is typed correctly, the program runs unaffected. Trying to edit the command causes the cursor and pieces of the text to jump to previous lines. Like before, If the edit is correct, the program still runs.

Expected behavior:
Usually word wrap resizes the line to fit the shell window width.

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:
open shell window, Type more than 48 characters, after typing 49th character move cursor to the left, press backspace.

This should show the text wrapping back into the same line, then show the cursor and some text jumping to a new line.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome (120.0.6099.71)
Firefox (120.0.1)
Windows 10

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