Text editor Doesn't Work

Hi ,I’m taking a Udemy course on JavaScript but the text editor that the instructor created in His Replit isn’t responsive. Please help me.

What do you mean text editor? If you mean the file preview then you can’t select the text on some devices.

Yes,I meant the file editor,are there any devices you recommend,I’m on my laptop operating in the chrome browser in Windows 10.The output screen seems to work just fine,it’s just the file editor.

Hi @SuaveGeekFem you are going to have to provide some more information please.

Can you post a link to your Repl so others in the community can investigate and offer some ideas on what to do?

A screenshot of what you see and any error messages encountered would definitely help too.

I don’t know, I am on IOS and cannot select the text either. You might have to fork the project and then go into the real editor (not the preview) to copy the code.

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If it is a cover page, then you have to fork it like what @dragonhunter1 said, or download the files as a zip and upload the files into your own repl. You could also use your preferred text editor and edit your file from there.

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Ok,I will so that soon as possible.

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