Text Based RPG Template

Hey everyone!

I just made a Template that makes it easy to customize however you would like! Reply with any suggestions or questions. Link to Text Based RPG.

Made with :heart: by @SalladShooter


Cool, but explain what the functions do and what the variables are and what the returns are of the functions to make give the programmer even more choice. But very cool!!

@BearCoder01 thanks, will do.

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@BearCoder01 done, I added the Variables and what they are for, the Functions and what they are for and Text they can change to personalize it. Hope you like it!

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Good job, but I also meant of the functions take this as an example

loading() function. This function gives you a fake loader to make the program seem more intressting and intelligent.

loading("Preparing next questions...", 4*12, "Questions loaded!")
#        ^                              ^     ^The text when the loader is done
#        the title                      for how long the loader spins so it will spin 4*12 times, you can put any int value in here

@BearCoder01 I did that, I don’t have any functions with parameters though so I just kind of explained what they are for.

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Ok thats good, sorry for the missunderestimation.

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@BearCoder01 its fine, I just want it to be as easy to use and intuitive as possible same for you probably.

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