Testing tool not working on python 3.11

  • Testing tool is not working for python RepLs (python 3.11)

Could you link a minimal repl and example test which reproduces the issue? Tests work fine for me here (note the .replit config which might affect the issue)

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Okay, so I have messed up things.

So my problem was on class projects (on teams), and the version is 3.10.11 not 3.11.

Should I write different report and explain the problem?

The problem is I can’t add input/output tests in python 3.10.11 as I can do it in 3.10.8.

Also when I run the code it runs in different way:
in python 3.10.8:

in python 3.10.11:

I will try to add the project with python 3.10.8 to the template list so it will be all solved.

Sorry for the misunderstanding and taking your time.