Testing Java code for school

Question: Hi there, so I took about a week off from practicing my code on Replit and when I’ve come back now for whatever reason I cant type commands into the console tab? It only allows me to “Run” the program and it keeps giving me errors. Before I was able to test functions by typing “java ____.java” into the console tab and letting it run. Any advice?

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@gianny09

Bump. Same question, same issue. Also the whole site seems super buggy and slow. My cpu and ram are maxed with a brand new java template, and I couldn’t click on literally anything on the ask.replit page on my browser. Had to log in on mobile just to respond

Yikes, my class lessons require me to test out functions via the console tab and I can’t utilize it. Very frustrating.

You could run that code in the Shell tab instead.

Same thing here, school java course explicitly says to not use run button because it “exposes errors in the sandbox” and to run via console

Any reason why I could use the console just last night and can’t now?

Likely due to the more recent changes to how the console works.


This is functioning how the console used to. I’ve seen quite a bit of complaints over the console change, wonder why they went and did that with no explanation. Thanks for the help, I’m new to this and was getting very frustrated.

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