Test 'Match' Diffs are terrible

Really nice diffs are possible, and are really helpful!

The diffs in the tests for student feedback are really bad, sometimes horribly confusing. Here’s a case:


replit test:

Maybe this is hitting some edge case, or something, in the replit diff engine, but it’s not a particularly adversarial string…
Find out whatever diffchecker is doing, and use that!


Good morning Rob. Thanks for your message.

I’m really keen to know what context you are using the test match diffs for in your lesson. Is it for web design or programming?

This is for programming.

We tend to do more tests for the programming curriculum, since the output is a little easier to write a good test for, and students can’t judge their own work quite as easily just by looking.

If there’s a test account, I can add someone to the team - not sure how to share a repl that has this test directly, since the test UI settings are buried in the menu, so (afaik) the account has to be part of the team for you to see it. Here’s a github repo connected from the project repl, if that helps: GitHub - rrcobb/P4.3---Roster-Change

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