Terry the Chatbot!

So far my most popular project to date (anything AI based gets popular quick :sweat_smile:), Terry is a chatbot I made. He uses a mix of Repl DB and a .txt file for a brain. The best/worst part is that the whole community can train him for themselves! Anyways, that’s a brief overview. Go try it for yourself!

REPL LINK: https://replit.com/@Doomsdaybear/Terry-The-Chat-Bot?v=1


Terry is my favorite. @Doomsdaybear, your chatbot was a fantastic project.

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Thanks man! It was also one of my shortest, I made the initial thing in 30 minutes.

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I have invited you to a python-based repl. :<

Joined it. I’m open to PM to discuss it!

Cool, but pleasefix these open-ended open calls: open("Recognized.txt", "r"). They need a close call.

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Odd, I thought I added .close() calls. I’ll check in the morning, thanks!

It’s just better to use with:

with open("Recognized.txt", "r") as f:
  # your code here

That way it automatically closes the file.