Terminal with multiple options unresponsive

Problem description:

Running bun create next-app stops responding at the second prompt.

Expected behavior:
Being able to select whether I want to use TypeScript (press enter, use arrow keys)

Actual behavior:
Nothing happens.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a Bun repl. Run bun create next-app in the terminal/shell. Put in a name and then try answering the TypeScript question

This is issue is present on both the desktop app and the website.
It is not an issue on my local terminal, so I do not believe it’s an issue with the package.

Browser: Arc 1.19.1 with Chromium 119.0.6045.199
OS: macOS 12.7.1
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA: 1.0.5
Plan (Free, Replit Core): Core


Thanks for sharing this isue @DillonB07. I can reproduce as well and I’ll get it reported to our internal team.


Apologies for the late update on this one (somehow I missed the fix notification), but this should be fixed now. I tested and verified.

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