Terminal Updates Slowly

When looking at alternatives like Codeanywhere, their IDE’s terminal feels far snappier when using a TUI. I’m using Python with PyTermTk and just typing in a textbox starts lagging the terminal.

I don’t want to pay to see if things work quicker or not for a GUI but the Codeanywhere basic plan says it has the same amount of vCPUs as the Hacker plan. Could the terminal code be refactored to run quicker?

If you create a basic program with PyTermTk, have a window, load it with widgets, and then try to move the window around, it lags hard. Moving up and down with scrollbars also lags out to the point you can see the screen trying to redraw.

Hi @nickandwolf happy to look at this for you but for a feature request/bug report you have to provide much more information.

Can you share a link to the Repl where you experience the issue?



This is my working example. I can’t make a specific showcase right now but if you try typing in the text box or clicking the buttons on the side bar, you’ll see how slow it can be.

I’ll show you another example. This is snappy and alive on my computer, but lags on Replit.

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