Telegram bot helppp

hi i want a telebot that can read text file and send the content to a chat can anyone help

Hello, @aboalsoof ! Welcome to the forums!

To create a telegram bot like this, here is some steps you can take to help you on the way!

  1. Create a bot account on a chat service like Telegram, Discord, or WhatsApp.

You will need to create an account for your bot on the chat service you want it to interact with. Depending on the service, this may involve creating an account for yourself first, then registering a bot with a developer API, or creating a new bot entirely.

  1. Obtain the necessary credentials for your bot, such as a bot token and/or an API key.

To interact with the chat service’s API, you will need to obtain some credentials, such as a bot token or an API key. Typically, you will obtain these by registering your bot with the chat service’s developer API. You will then need to store these credentials securely, such as by storing them in a separate configuration file that is not tracked by version control.

  1. Install a Python library for interacting with the chat service’s API, such as python-telegram-bot for Telegram.

You will need to install a Python library that provides an interface for interacting with the chat service’s API. There are many libraries available for different services, such as for Discord, whatsappy for WhatsApp, and python-telegram-bot for Telegram. You can install these libraries using the pip package manager.

  1. Write some code to read from a text file and store the contents in a variable.

To read from a text file in Python, you can use the built-in open() function, which returns a file object that you can read from or write to. You can then use methods such as read() or readlines() to get the contents of the file as a string or a list of strings, respectively. For example:

with open('myfile.txt') as f:

contents =
  1. Use the library to send a message containing the contents of the file to the specified chat.

Finally, you can use the library you installed earlier to send a message containing the contents of the file to the specified chat. For example, using the python-telegram-bot library:

import telegram

# Replace YOUR_TOKEN with your bot token

bot = telegram.Bot(token='YOUR_TOKEN')

# Replace CHAT_ID with the ID of the chat you want to send the message to

chat_id = 'CHAT_ID'

# Replace FILENAME with the path to your file

with open('FILENAME') as f:

contents =

# Send the message

bot.send_message(chat_id=chat_id, text=contents)

Note that the exact code you will need to write will depend on the chat service you are using and the specific requirements of your use case. However, these general steps should provide a good starting point for creating a bot that reads from a text file and sends it to a chat.

Unfortunately, I cannot send just a piece of code with everything that you want. You won’t learn anything if we just give you some piece of code which you don’t understand. And that isn’t the point of ask. We are not supposed to give direct answers, but to give hints or minor debugging some code ( eg. you send some code and we will debug it for you ). Yes the ask is mainly for help/guides or just some sample code that you want to find, but you cannot take advantage of ask by just asking questions where you are asking/demanding people to just give the code to you. Especially if its for a bounty or a homework assignment ( its against the rules fyi ).