Teams that don't collect students' email addresses

I’m starting to set up new Teams for next semester, but I can’t seem to find the checkbox that prevents students’ email addresses from getting collected. Is this feature no longer available or did the checkbox move somewhere else?

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Hi @MissStrong thanks for your question and sorry for the delay in responding.

I’m able to replicate this issue. I’ll reach out to the team and find out asap!

Hi @MissStrong! We moved that checkbox to the form when you initially create a team, to make sure that all the students’ emails are secure from the start. Here’s a screenshot of the checkbox on the form:


Thanks for the response!

Looks like I missed the checkbox when I created my new Teams and there isn’t a way for me to go back to it. @phil-mac Is there a way for you or someone else to edit my new Teams? I would greatly appreciate it.

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I think David said that you cant change it once the team is made. But an admin may be able to manually change it

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I’ll take a look and let you know! Have students been added to the team yet?

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@MissStrong , if you go to, and type “update-invite” into the “Run a command” field, it will open a tool that you can use to set your team to use privacy mode when adding new students to the team.

If you have any issues with that, let me know the names of the teams you want updated and I can help :slight_smile:


Whoah, it worked! Thank you so much! :grin:


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