Teams student unable to login

Problem description:
Student can’t login - I have tried logging in for her, but it says username invalid. I created a new user name for her and a new user appeared in the team list user518613, not the name I entered. The name then changed to karole35, but I still can’t login as her. Also when changing the password, prompt is “changing password for user518613”

Expected behavior:
I expect to be able to create a username and then be able to login using it :slight_smile:

Actual behavior:
Get the “username or password invalid” message

Steps to reproduce:
goto teams
create a new user
Try to login as user

Bug appears at this link:
login page:

Browser: chrome
OS: windows 10
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): desktop
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA: web app
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan): free

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Hey @NickScott5
Thanks for reporting this issue.

I’d like to try and reproduce locally. May I ask what workflow you are following to create a new user?

If you’d like to provide screenshots or a short recording of the issue, that would be perfect, but please exclude or obscure anything confidential.


Hi Suzy,
thanks for your response.

The only workflow I am aware of is to send the invite link provided by the Teams interface.

For example, try to login in as karole35, password 12345678 - it says invalid username or password invalid. If you look in my teams ( you will see karole35 listed as a member. Click on the change password button to set the password, but login is still refused.

all the best,

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Ah, I see now. Thank you for clarifying @NickScott5.

With privacy mode enabled when I create a new team, I can reproduce that any new name you enter when you create the account doesn’t seem to take. It always logs one with the randomly generated like “user12345”. This will be the username they have to use to login.

Then, if you changed the name from the “Manage Team Members” menu, that is considered a “nickname”. It’s only aesthetic to help you keep track of the student, but doesn’t affect their actual login/username.

If a student really wanted to change the username, they can do so via here.

I’ll report the issue of the original name we enter not registering as the new username. Otherwise, I hope the explanation of the current behavior helps. They will have to use user518613 to successfully login.

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it seems now the login requires an email, which of course the students don’t have, so replit is no longer a viable option for us.

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Hi there @NickScott5 . That’s a great question.

Luckily, every student has an email address. Students that were invited in privacy mode are automatically assigned an email address associated with their username. The general format of their email address is:

Typically, when I test my students that I invited with privacy mode, the login prompt helps provide them the email address when they try their username like “user518613” (so they just simply click login again). This allows them to login successfully. Or they could just login from the get-go using the format I mentioned above as

Hope the information is helpful.


It’s great that you’ve set this up. However, I noticed that only email logins are now allowed, which could be a significant issue for many users who relied on usernames to log in, especially if they’ve forgotten their email, etc.

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Correct. I think we have some other posts chatting about that, though for this post, it’s more focused on Teams for Education students with privacy mode.