Teams - share projects - added projects dont appear

Problem description:
When sharing projects using the share links between Teams (Education) the imported projects never appear in the new teams. I have been waiting hours and tried multiple times.

Expected behavior:
I would expect, as before, the imported shared projects to appear in my team within a few minutes.

Actual behavior:
The shared projects never appear in my teams

Steps to reproduce:
Create share link for projects in one Team. Paste link into browser. Select new team. Click import. Get “success please wait” message. Wait. Nothing ever happens.

Bug appears at this link:

MS Edge. Windows 10. Desktop PC. In a School.

Ok I’ve solved it…
Teams must remember which project you have previously imported in - and wont import them in again, even if they have been deleted.

So I renamed all the original versions and then created a new share link. Now they will correctly import.

So the bug is that you cant import a project which was already imported but deleted.