Teams - reviewing student work workflow

If I am trying to mark/review the work of multiple learners, it seems slightly slow. I’ll explain my understanding. Please let me know if I’m using it wrong/is there a better way to do it.

I need to use the ‘Teams for Education’ button on the pane on the left to tick ‘mark as reviewed’. If I then use the arrow in the pane to switch submission, it loads the next learner up. I then have to press ‘Teams for Education’ again. This feels quite slow - especially for small problems that don’t need much time to review them.

If there’s not a better way, then two ways to improve this could be:
1 - Remember I’m on ‘Teams for Education’ and go to that by default.
2 - Create a separate ‘review’ section in the UI with a few simple buttons. Could eg be between the ‘Run’ button and the magnifying glass.
Student name | left arrow | right arrow | mark as reviewed | unsubmit
This would be separate and leave the rest of the pane to work as is right now.

Thanks @dluther_shs this is definitely something the support team are aware of and are investigating. Previously the UI did stay on the Teams for Edu pane when moving between students.

I’ll ask for an update and let you know as soon as I can!

Hi @dluther_shs Replit Engineering are working on it at this very moment. Hopefully we will see a return to #1 soon.