Teams/Projects setup when students working on their own

What is the best way of setting up coding assignments when each student would be working on their own?

I’ve just started using replit for my classes. The first class couldn’t access their projects, as I hadn’t assigned then to groups. I was able to get the class going by creating a new group for each student, and then assigning each student to their own group. But this is quite manual for each new assignment- is there anything more efficient? I couldn’t find clear docs on this, and I couldn’t get Auto-Assign to work for a group size of 1.

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I think these 2 help article will assist you:

Hey @DalstonHal, you’re right that the best way to do this would be to auto-assign students into groups of 1 (in the video at 03:36).

What are you seeing on your end that isn’t working when auto assigning for groups of 1?

Hi Lena,

I’ve looked at your video now- thanks. I understand the feature better now.

For the class I was teaching earlier, I get the full group dialog box you show in your video. But for all my other classes (which I haven’t started teaching yet in Replit), I get a “short form” dialog box- see below. Is there a way to nudge the project so it can show the long-form dialog box?

I was thinking that the short form box might come up when there are no students in the team. However, for one of my other classes, two of the students have signed up, and I am still getting the short form dialog box.



Hmmm, it might be that you are using curriculum hub resources that are already defined as either individual or group projects. If a project you imported was for individual students, and you’d like to make it into a group project, you’ll have to download/copy and paste the materials into a new Team Project that is specifically for groups.

Thanks- so I only see group options for a group project. The short form dialog box is for individual projects.

yep, that sounds right!