Teams Pro Performance Issues

Problem description:
Over the last couple of days I’ve experienced performance issues in several repls. Often the changes I’m making to files take a long time to “come through,” ie. the files on the disk aren’t actually updated in time. This results in:

  1. Running the program via the Run button takes a rather long time.
  2. Making it impossible to run the updated program via the shell.

This happens independent of the file/program size, and in several languages (Python, OCaml, Haskell), all in repls based on Replit-templates.

The problem sometimes vanishes for a period of time, but not consistently.

This seems to happen only in Teams Pro repls, not in normal ones.

Expected behavior:
Changing a file and then

  1. hitting the Run button , or
  2. running the program via the shell

should more or less immediately run the updated program.

Actual behavior:
After changing a file running the updated program

  1. via hitting the Run button takes a rather long time.
  2. via the shell is impossible, ie. it runs a file that is not or only partially updated.

Looking at a changed file in the shell via cat shows that it sometimes takes up to half a minute until the changes are reflected on disk.

Steps to reproduce:
I don’t know how to reproduce that for someone else.

Bug appears at this link:
For example the following Teams Pro repls:


  • OS: MacOS and Windows
  • Browser: Firefox, Safari
  • Devices: Several
  • Internet connection: Fast and reliable on other apps

Hi @Timsbim sorry for the inconvenience it has caused. I’ve escalated this to @ShaneAtReplit who should be able to look into this further.


Hey @Timsbim!

Thank you for reporting this, and thank you for the information. I have asked the team to look into this and will let you know once I have an update!

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Unfortunately, this still keeps happening. At times it’s almost impossible to use the Teams repls because in them files refuse to save. The strange thing: When I change a file and close it (close the tab) and then reopen it, all the changes are still visible. But not on the disk (looking at them with cat).

At other times things seem almost working as normal (only “almost”).

Isn’t there at least an option to save files manually? I haven’t found any, but maybe I’m missing something obvious.

Thank you for the information. This is definitely not supposed to be happening. We will continue to investigate and let you know once we know more.

We could not reproduce this issue nor did we find any errors in our logs for your Teams Pro Repls. When you run into the issue again, could you please send us a screen recording (we recommend of the issue you mentioned so we can get a better idea of what it looks like on your end?