Teams for Education: Replit changed by student


Hello everyone, I am new to replit and created a C++ project and embedded it into the Moodle LMS. I tested the project as a student and changed the name of one of the files. This change was also made in the original project. I don’t want students to change the filenames or add additional files in some projects. Is this possible? Thanks.

Hey @ThelmaLooms1!

It is not possible to restrict the ability of students to edit the filesystem of their own forks of the main project. They shouldn’t be able to edit the filesystem of the main project (your copy), however.

Can you send me the link to the project that they changed the files on so I can take a look?


Thanks for your reply. I am new to Replit and discovered I had selected the student’s workspace. Is there any way to deploy a ‘read-only’ copy of an exercise? We want students to try these examples from the online textbook within the LMS.

Of course! If you access your Repl from the cover page (example: that provides a read-only copy of the Repl that can be run as well. Does that fit your use case?

Hey @ThelmaLooms1 ! I was thinking about a Teams for Edu-specific way of handling this and Instructions files might help. While team projects are designed to be customizable by students, the best place to store read-only content in a Teams for Edu project is in the Instructions markdown file. As a Team admin, you can add code snippets so that the students always have an untouched version of the original code.