Teams for Education: projects (html/css/javascript) created a few weeks ago do not work on the student side

In addition, we are experiencing a bug reported already with the copy project feature: copying projects in teams for education is no longer working, neither through the share projects link nor for creating an individual copy. Following either steps replaces the project files with the template defaults.

To have the projects work on the student side we have to recreate the projects and copy each file individually.

The error that the students get on the forked project is usually that the relp’s “server IP address could not be found”. These issues started to appear when the .config folder was added to the files for projects in Teams.

Hi @onramps , welcome to the forums! Could your student try forking that repl that doesn’t work?


Hey @onramps!

Can you please send me the link to the Repl that the student is getting the error on?

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