Teams for Edu projects not showing for owners

Bug description:

Hidden projects in Teams can no longer be seen. The section is just empty with the default message of ‘Try dragging a Repl here…’

Expected vs Current Behavior:

Should be visible to the Teams owner with the option to turn them visible.

Steps to reproduce:

Hide a project in Teams and then go back to the overview page.

Bug appears at this link: LMAS-LT - Replit

Browser/OS/Device: Chrome and Edge

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Hi @LMASCompSci!
Are they in your repls’ page?

I can see them on the completion page, and via share link. I just cannot see them on the main Team page.

Some replit unexpectedly disappear from one of my educational teams.
Any ideas about how to recover them?

Are the students able to delete their own projects? I don’t know much about EDU teams

No. Students can not delete the projects.

Actually, the fact is like they were hiden. If I create a new project and I name it with the names of one of the dissapered projects, replit renames it as “whatever” (1). So, it seems they are there but I can’t see them. Really weird.

They disappeared from all of my teams.

There is a current bug. If the project is unpublished and inside a unit, it will disappear.

There is a work around. Share the project. It will open up a link to select all the projects. Edit the project. Publish it. The project will re-appear.


Thanks. It works. (You save my life :wink:)

I have also lost all of my unpublished projects. I don’t understand how to “share” the project if it is not visible. Can someone please elaborate?

This isn’t a resolved solution. The only way this works is if you immediately publish a project. This isn’t ideal because I want to open up labs as students learn new things.

I lost hours of my work yesterday creating a project I assumed would be saved. It was not saved.

Deleting projects at random is not a feature I appreciate.

This is really not great. It looks like when they did their update, they forgot to let owners have admin rights.

So, create a new account…
invite that new account to be an admin using the settings wheel.

This new account will be able to see everything you used to see.

I totally agree. Making a second account and inviting it to be an admin in your group is another work around for their mistake.

Hello everyone,

I followed this advice and I also discovered that, if you are the team owner, you can remove another admin, and make it join again to make its hidden repls return.

We should ping this to the replit staff btw

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Hey everyone,

I was able to see this issue on some accounts, but I was not able to reproduce it.

I created a new teams org.
Then I added a unit, then added a project, and I was able to see the project as an owner.

I have escalated this bug to our engineering team, and I will report back when we have updates.

Please use the workaround in the meantime:

I invited an alt account as an admin and was able to see all the projects.

This is crazy, please repond REPL, you’re usually so good.

All of you who have lost work: your work is not gone, just find the URL in the history it still exists it’s just in the VOID, and not shown in REPL EDU TEAMS

They are also still visible in the Overview tab if you change the filter to ‘unpublished’

Any updates on this? I was planning on using this in my class tomorrow and all of the projects I created are now not showing up. I think I’ve gotten them back by publishing them, but that’s not ideal as I’m trying to build out assignments for upcoming classes.

Any information you can provide would be great.

Lost a significant number of projects I’ve planned to re-use this year. Any updates on a fix?

We are seeing the same issue. Projects have disappeared that we had access to a couple weeks ago.

If we copy a “published” project from an archived team, it will not appear in the project list of the new team. However, searching shows that the project is there and you can’t create a new REPL project by the same name.

Problem is not resolved by making everyone an owner or admin.