Team Pro replit specs

I am about going to give up and get the team pro (even if i am only one person)
But something is not clear.
From the pricing page it states that replit are 2x, is this for all replit or only the 5 boosted ones?
And if all are 2x, how boosted is the boosted one?

We have different clusters that operate at different speeds.

The normal (free) cluster for non-subscribed users runs at half the speed of the Hacker, or Teams Pro cluster. Any repl on the Hacker or Teams Pro cluster runs twice as fast , and boosts will give even more speed.

Boosting a hacker repl to 2x speed would be as fast as a free plan repl at 4x speed.

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what is the boost for a team pro boosted repl (i mean the included 5)?

By default it should be 4x more powerful than an unboosted free tier repl

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