Team name is no longer clickable

Just noticed that you can no longer click on the team name that shows below the Repl project name to return back to the team page that lists all of the projects for that team. Please bring this back. Now we have to go through the Teams menu to get back to Team listing and then choose a team to see the list of projects.


Do you still have the old UI or the new one? I do notice that’s gone for the new UI. If you have the new UI can you please make a feature request through replit for this (share feedbacksuggestion)?

@Ethan Yes, I have the new UI. I’ll send a feature request to have that added back to the new UI. Thanks!

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When you click on the project name and the dropdown appears there is a button with the team name on that you can click on to take you back to the team page.


@MrLees I noticed that the other day. I’m glad they added it back!

Yes! I noticed it too yesterday. Was coming here just to let you know that.

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