Team getting start video link is private

Problem description:
The link to the Teams getting started video is private

Expected behavior:
play the video

Actual behavior:
error message video is private

Steps to reproduce:
click the link

Bug appears at this link:

chrome/windoze 10/i7-6th gen


Sorry to pin you @IanAtCSTeach. @NickScott5 has a bug with the getting started with Teams video, and it being private.


Thanks @SalladShooter , nice spot @NickScott5 I’ve escalated this to the Replit team for investigation. Hopefully it’ll be a quick fix, but I’ll circle back and let you know regardless!

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Hi again @NickScott5 can you please describe where you found the video in our docs / tutorials so we can investigate? It’s an old video which has been updated so it shouldn’t be linked.

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The link appears in a list of getting started videos when I first signed up to teams. I can’t see the link anymore.

I think you’ll have to create a new account and then start a teams trial to see the link.