Teaching Tips for a Newcomer

Hi Friends!
I am new here. From one teacher to another, what suggestions do you have for a newcomer to this forum and REPL Teams for Edu?
Thank you!


I can only give tips for the forum. If you are not on any other forums using discourse (the software the forum uses) take the user tutorial from discobot (Only use it in dms and not on the public forums) and make yourself familiar with the categories here.

Andy Colley has a great video here and curriculum built around principles of PRIMM - but honestly I’d say import some of the curriculum hub into a team and have a play around with how they’ve been set up to see some good practice.


Welcome! My best advice is to set up a team for edu as a sandbox (they’re free after all!), add yourself as a student from another account (or by joining in privacy mode), and explore the whole process from a student and teacher perspective.

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Replit is a fantastic resource for teaching coding. So far I have used it mainly for teaching HTML/CSS for middle schoolers (Years 7 through 9 in the UK). My recommendation is to practice lesson transitions carefully before introducing the software to a class. I start my lesson using Powerpoint - introducing building block concept of HTML, showing some code. The learners have already created a two page web design (using pen) in their exercise books. I create a template with frequently used HTML codes (Header, Body, Image). They get to see the code and everyone has a chance to tap that big green button to run the code. I always send out a link message to the students - that gets them straight to the project template - no need for them to search for communities, teams etc. Good luck and please let us know how it goes.