Teacher Verification required

Hi guys, I created one team page using my existing personal account. I have also emailed education@replit.com several times to validate that I am professor in a Mexican Unviersity. Two weeks ago I received a message they could not verify my account.

Any idea what can I do? I think the problem is that I started using replit with my personal account and I have not used the domain of my university. My class started so I don’t want to redo everything :frowning:

my account is ramiro.gz@gmail.com and my other school account is ramirogz@iteso.mx from www.iteso.mx unvieristy.

I can no longer create new projets in the “TEAM” home page.

Hi @ramirogz thank you for your question.

Firstly you will need to use an education domain to verify your account. I understand that you originally started using your personal account so you will have to change the email address linked with your account.

Go into your account and scroll down until you see the email address. You should then change this to your university address.

Any Repls / Teams previously created will remain and you should then be able to contact support (use the ? at the bottom left of any Repl window) to request verification of your account.

Hope this helps!

Thanks fro your reply Ian. that makes a lot of sense. REPLIT ingored my repeated emails from my university account … until yesterday! I think some manager read this post and manually verified my account even with a non University domain.

I did provide enough support to show I owned both emails account. I will change my email on the winter break and encourage other professors to join

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