Teacher UI is forgetting layout

Problem description:
When grading student assignments in a team, I have to show unit tests panel for each assignment of each student

Expected behavior:
When I change student in the Submissions tab, all layout is kept, only the contents are changed for the actual student

Actual behavior:
All panels are closed , only Console and Shell are visible

Steps to reproduce:
Open any set of tabs, then change student

Bug appears at this link:
Any teams repl


Detailed description
See the video: https://youtu.be/nmeArHSOICg

0:00 First, I open the students submission.
0:05 The window comes up with three panes - Code tab, Console + Shell tabs, Submissions tab
0:07 I need to see Unit test results, I have to browse all tools at bottom left and find tests, then run them and switch to console to see results
0:18 Everything is OK, I accidentally lost Submissions tab, so I add it
0:23 I switch the student
0:31 New student comes up and all layout is lost.

We typically need to check 15 students per class, 3-4 small assignments per lecture homework. This is a lot of work with all the clicking and reopening tests tab.

Furthermore, if I switch student and then go to another browser tab (which is typical, because I want to see all his submissions at once), the layout is inconsistent and loses even the Submissions tab (0:38 - 0-47)

Hey @JanKoupil1!

We do not currently support copying the layout from one Repl to another or keeping the same layout when switching between Repls. I’ll move this to #feature-requests so we can send this to the right place!

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I’d think ‘pane layout permanence’ would be enjoyed pretty widely - surely every programmer arranges their environment ‘just so’ and wants that to be the default next time they start a new project. Desktop IDEs do this, right?