Teacher Solutions and Resubmission for Teams

Hello there,

I was talking with my teacher recently about allowing students to view teacher solutions to coding problems after assignments were submitted and we both realised a major issue, the students could just use that code and resubmit the assignment with the teachers solution. Of course, the teacher might notice this, but it doesn’t make it any less of an issue. I am emailing to propose a solution to this issue, which should just be called, teacher solutions. It should check whether or not a student has submitted an assignment and allow them to view the teachers solution, but it should disable the ability to resubmit the assignment after it is viewed. Of course the teacher should have the ability to re-enable the ability to resubmit if the student requests it, but disable the teacher solutions for the student to make sure the student doesn’t copy at that point. This is just a suggestion and request that I wanted to bring to your attention because I feel that would enhance the learning within many schooling environments.