TalkRN - TalkRightNow

This is what I’ve been working on a lot recently:
(I’ve also created topics trying to solve some code lol)

It is a real-time chat application that has features like commands, banning/muting (you have to go in the repl in order to do so), moderators (can’t do anything useful right now), chat filtering (not the best but definitely not the worst), custom titles (I have [OWNER]), signing out, a to-be implemented report/appeal form, and more things I can’t remember.

I would like suggestions on what commands I should add, features I should add, and I would DEFINITELY like help on how to create a $ban command as push() is completely useless. I know I should use ReplDB but I can’t seem to find documentation for JavaScript, I can only find it for Python. Here is my project:

Also, do you like it? I know it’s not the greatest but it’s one of my best projects. (Also I know it’s forked from a different Repl but I added so many things that it has little resemblance to the old repl.)