Taking a break in programming: the poll!

How often do you take a break when programming?

  • Every hour
  • Every two hours
  • Every 3-4 hours
  • Wait, you take breaks?

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Its just until I quit when I cant figure out an error


It depends sometimes it can be after 2 minutes of programming other times 7 hours of it, your more likely to produce better code if you feel happy while doing it

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Same thing here lol, my automation:

if (brain.state == "🤯") {
  throw new Error("Taking a break...");
if "The meaning of life, the universe, and everything" != 42:
    raise FatigueError("Can't the perform operation in current state: paradoxical examination")

My brain works a little more like this:

let errs = [];

while (true) {
	if (brain.state === "🤯") {
		errs = errors.locate();
		console.log(errs.length); // x
		errs = errors.locate();
		console.log(errs.length); // x+1 ...
		continue /*s staring at screen cluelessly */;
	} else {
		console.log("We never make it to here lol");
		/* takes a break */ break;

Breaks are for casuals. Professional programmers code ASM all day, every day.

section	.text
	global _start
	mov	edx, len
	mov	ecx, msg
	mov	ebx, 1
	mov	eax, 4
	int	0x80
	mov	eax, 1
	int	0x80

section	.data

msg	db	'Breaks are for casuals.',0xa
len	equ	$ - msg

I never quit until like 1 hour later then I would shut down my laptop and do something else, and continue the next day.

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you shut down your laptop?


Fixing the error takes all of eternity for me


Until my PC gets a BSOD

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My brain doesn’t work that way, where I can plan to take X number of breaks in Y amount of time. I’m just really bad at organizing things in timetables. If I try to live that way it is like inviting problems in. :upside_down_face:

I simply set myself a goal that I believe is realistic to achieve in one day, based on what I need to accomplish. If I realize that it’s not feasible to complete it in one day, I then set a more realistic goal (this happens quite often in programming when you realize that a problem is more challenging than initially thought). :face_with_monocle:

If I manage to reach my goal and there’s still time remaining, I use that time to improve my solution. In programming, there’s always something you can do to enhance code.

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For me, I code random things, until I encounter an error, which is when I try to solve it, end up giving up because I’m bored and then I just code something else, and if I encounter an error, I just take a very short break.

So essentially:

if error == True and bored == True and errorIsUnfixable == True:
    if errorEncountered == True:
        takeABreak(15, ‘minutes’)