Sytem Lag Bug that I kinda need help with

Bug description:
For some reason, my repls are lagging 100% on system even when my repls arn’t running,
and yes, i only had 1 tab open

Here is the photo, it is the same across all my repls
Screenshot 2023-12-17 14.50.21

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I’m not sure why that happens, but running kill 1 in the shell should remove this.

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Hi @CoolKid111
You’re repl is running as you an see from the console part. Try stopping it, force stop it(kill 1), or/and refresh your page. That worked for me.

since it shows that System is taking up all of the CPU, this means that something like code intelligence, package installation, saving, or environment loading is using CPU (not repl running).
As the others have said, kill 1 in the shell should help.
Otherwise, check the Shell and Console for any ongoing processes. If there are none, you should just wait a minute because 100% System CPU for a while after booting up a repl is common I think.

that was a previous run, i did stop it and refresh, but it still seems to happen but thanks for tring to help, I appreciate it!

thanks, after I used kill 1 in the shell, the lag spiked down then came back up, but thanks anyway!

Wait, uing Kill 1 gave me enough time to find and fix the bug, thanks!

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