SyntaxError in JavaScript Code on Replit - Assistance Needed


I’m currently facing an issue with my JavaScript project hosted on Replit. Despite my code seeming syntactically correct, I’m encountering a SyntaxError that I’m unable to diagnose. Any insights or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Issue Description:

I’m developing a web application that uses JavaScript to send requests to a Flask backend. The application is intended to use OpenAI’s API to generate images based on user input. However, upon execution, I receive the following error:


Code Overview:

  • I have event listeners for a ‘Submit’ button and a ‘Voice Input’ button.
  • Upon clicking these buttons, the code collects input from a text field or speech recognition, respectively.
  • This input is then sent to my Flask server via a POST request.
  • The server is supposed to process this input using OpenAI’s API and return an image URL, which is then displayed on the webpage.

Attempts to solve it:

  • I’ve verified that the HTML elements and IDs in my JavaScript code are correct.
  • CORS policies have been checked for potential issues.
  • The Flask server is running and accessible from the JavaScript code.
  • The error seems to be originating from a Replit internal script, making it challenging to debug from my end.

Repl link:

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When does the error happen specifically? For example, the syntax error occurs only when using voice input or also with text input?

hey! thanks for your comment.
the error occurs when I am trying to generate the image. the voice / text input works – than it yields an error.

I need you to make two things:

  1. Right before you make the fetch call in your JavaScript, add a console.log(fullPrompt); and see if the input being sent is correct and what you expect.
  2. With your website, open the browser’s developer tools and go to the Network tab. Trigger the image generation and look for the POST request to /generate-image . Check the request and the response. (See if the server responds with a 500 error or something like that).
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  1. Done

  1. This is what happens:

Well, several issues ahead.

Status 500 means that the Flask server have an issue when processing the request. Since the problem is on the server side, it can be when you attempt to call the OpenAI API or process it’s response.
You have to find out what cause this looking at the logs.

The JSON problem is when you try to parse the JSON and the JSON is incomplete or badly formatted. Try to use Flask jsonify to return properly error messages and see the cause.

The localstorage problem I have no clue, seems like an permission problem.

The 404 is because the browser is not finding the path or the file, so you should check this.

Tip: you can Test the /generate-image with Postman to see if it’s working as you expect and that the JSON is returning a proper response.