Syntax Not all highlighting

Problem description

When I use the syntax \n to start a new line when using print

Expected behavior

My code should highlight the syntax \n

Actual behavior

\n does not highlight at all

Steps to reproduce

this is the code I used:

print("Hello World!\nHello World!\nHello World!")


Opera Gx and Google Chrome


Windows X

Device if mobile



Free tier

If this is on the forum, use:

print("Hello World!\nHello World!\nHello World!")

and it should look like this:

print("Hello World!\nHello World!\nHello World!")

@Firepup650 you forgot the .py in the ```py in the post

However, if this is on the .py files in Replit, could you show a screenshot of what you are seeing?

:wave: Hey @jeffreyb09, welcome!

There was a topic about this before but I have searched for a while and can’t find it.

Escape codes are not highlighted in Python, but they are in JS and the C family. I don’t think this is really a bug, though

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I tried it in my Python file and it’s highlighted?
Maybe a theme issue?

What? Escape codes (\something) are not and have never been highlighted differently in Python.

Well, I see it highlighted.

That… is not highlighted.

This is highlighted.


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Ohh. I see. Sorry, my mistake.


Yeah. I agree with @QwertyQwerty88 that it isn’t necessarily a bug, but I’ll discuss with the team. Probably not going to be high priority but thanks for bringing it up for discussion.


The team decided to address this so you should see the highlighting now for escapes in Python. Happy coding!


Yup, I see the change! That was surprisingly quick, just a month after this report was made. :woman_shrugging:


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