Syntax Not all highlighting

Problem description

When I use the syntax \n to start a new line when using print

Expected behavior

My code should highlight the syntax \n

Actual behavior

\n does not highlight at all

Steps to reproduce

this is the code I used:

print("Hello World!\nHello World!\nHello World!")


Opera Gx and Google Chrome


Windows X

Device if mobile



Free tier

If this is on the forum, use:

print("Hello World!\nHello World!\nHello World!")

and it should look like this:

print("Hello World!\nHello World!\nHello World!")

@Firepup650 you forgot the .py in the ```py in the post

However, if this is on the .py files in Replit, could you show a screenshot of what you are seeing?

:wave: Hey @jeffreyb09, welcome!

There was a topic about this before but I have searched for a while and can’t find it.

Escape codes are not highlighted in Python, but they are in JS and the C family. I don’t think this is really a bug, though

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I tried it in my Python file and it’s highlighted?
Maybe a theme issue?

What? Escape codes (\something) are not and have never been highlighted differently in Python.

Well, I see it highlighted.

That… is not highlighted.

This is highlighted.


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Ohh. I see. Sorry, my mistake.


Yeah. I agree with @QwertyQwerty88 that it isn’t necessarily a bug, but I’ll discuss with the team. Probably not going to be high priority but thanks for bringing it up for discussion.