Switching to Deployments?

Do we teachers need to concern ourselves with this switch to deployments?


@MikeMcGuire1 I don’t know. @soren (sorry to ping you) do you know if


Probably not, this will only affect Repls that host web applications, but if you can access your students Replit workspace (ie enter the Repl where you are able to edit) then you can access the hosted development version (Repl’s will be hosted at replit.dev, but only while you are inside the Replit workspace).

Hi Mike.

Can you tell me how your classroom is set up on Replit? Are you having students submit repl.co links?

After January 1st, unless your students are using Deployment, you’ll have to be invited to their Repls so you can run the application from the workspace.

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Considering that students are submitting “repl.co” type links for submissions of their projects or work, will this be affected from Jan 1st.
Assuming, the students are not using Deployments.