Switch back the buttons' appearance

This is just a personal preference but I saw this today and I know it wasn’t always like this:

I really dislike it, please change it back. It really doesn’t matter but I hate how it looks. I liked the old way better.

I’m sorry for the short topic but that’s all there is to say. It’s just not that good looking.


What exactly do you not like about it? Can you be more specific?

We’re changing it to this new way because this fits how Tabs should look like in our Replit Design System (for example, check out the Tabs in Bounties or in the Community Hub).

These new tabs have better hover. active, and focus states, and the selected state is also simpler to understand because of the white bottom underline.


See how the buttons are smushed up together? Before, the buttons were well-spaced out. Also, I don’t like how the buttons are smaller. The old ones were bigger. And the lines are more defined, unlike the old ones. Sorry if I don’t make sense.

I see. It’s a personal preference but functionality does come first.

Thank you for your time.


No problem! Thanks for voicing your feedback :slight_smile:


This is much better. Thanks!


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