Swift Language Replit course

Hi Everybody !

I started a Replit to create a basic Swift Language course (https://replit.com/@gazolla/Swift-Course?v=1). So I created a couple of swift files with commands and a few exercises. Now I want to make it more useful. I don’t know if would be better create html files to put concepts and how to compile all the files together.

Does anyone have experience in achieving this (create a programming course using Replit)?
Any ideas would be appreciated !!

Thanks and Regards,

Hey @gazolla!

First of all you can write HTML in Swift » How to write HTML in Swift? - The.Swift.Dev. or you could use this if you are trying to make a course Adding Tutorials to any Repl. Second did you know when you run your Repl a lot of errors happen: certain stuff is happening and it says it can’t happen at the top level.

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