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Describe your feature request
Although simple, I would like SVG support on MarkDown files.
What problem(s) would this feature solve?
It will allow a wider range of images to be displayed on MD
Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

I wanted BinBashBanana’s SVG deployment icons on my project but the MD file said that SVG files are not supported. I tried converting the images in many converters but the icons simply didn’t convert properly. I felt it would be easier if the SVG image just loaded instead of requiring the conversion of SVG images to supported image files.


Please double-check to see if such a request already exists; someone made this request previously and it was brought to light.


Sorry, I’ve checked for duplicates but didn’t see that.

Also, that feature wasn’t added, and as I mentioned, for some images, converters simply don’t help…


Perhaps it was removed, but I responded to a prior post because it was a fantastic feature request. Actually, I think it wasn’t even in the Feature Request categories; it could’ve been in general for whatever reason.

Oh, I found it, it was already solved, here’s the link:

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