Supporting visually impaired students - Instructions in separate tab for accessibility or export entire team curriculum

I will have visually impaired students next semester.
One requires the font to be size 48
While it is possible to zoom in REPL that far the entire UI zooms and leaves very little room.
I did figure out I can slide across the coding window and the output / instructions but it still will not really work at this level

If it was possible only to zoom / select the font size of the coding, instructions and output windows without zooming the rest of the UI that would be helpful.

Alternatively, I think vscode will work if I could easily export my entire team / course into one git repo or very quicky export each module

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Screesnshot of vscode coding window

Screenshot of vscode markdown preview

This would be an a some feature. I think the most important parts would be the file explore and those other tabs, the code editor and the console.

Looks good. I often use Chrome zoom to allow all students to see code on my screen as a demo.

My only question would be why doesn’t the visually impaired user need to be able to read the rest of the screen in size 48 font?

I have a VI student who successfully used Windows screen magnifier tool to access Replit. Would this help?

Thanks, Ian actually the magnifier is a much better option which I did know about then got sidetracked that works much better.
I am just preparing options for next semester so no doubt the students and support staff would have been all over this.
Cheers again
Have a great day


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